Menschen, die behaupten sich zu lieben – featured on and


How can you capture something unseizable like love between two people on a picture? A photographic approach exploring the visualization of a mystified feeling.

Nowadays we are overwhelmed with pictures of love, but they are vapid and shallow realties created by a self-conscious social media society combined with the never sad faces from the advertising world. I tried to create in fact fictitious but at the same time lively and honest characters that you can relate to, that you can find parts of in yourself. I question reality and authenticity of a feeling which construction is as omnipresent as ever and accept it in all its sincerity and absurdity.

This is an excerpt of the seven stories and over all 62 pictures I created for my conceptual body of work “Menschen, die behaupten sich zu lieben”.

“Menschen, die behaupten sich zu lieben” was shown in a Solo Exhibition in Munich from the 4th to the 09th of April 2017 at DAS PROVISORIUM and featured in the group exhibition KOPFKINO from 28th of April until 07th of Mai 2017 in Dachau, Germany.

The project won the ART DIRECTORS CLUB GERMANY JUNIOR AWARD with a Bronze Nail in 2017 and the UPCOMING MASTERS AWARD held by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Photographie (DGfP) in 2016.


MENSCHEN, DIE BEHAUPTEN SICH ZU LIEBEN_PHOTOGRAPHY Eva-Marlene Etzel_DIALOGS Sibylla Hirschhäuser_FASHION Mario Keine, Horst Tschirschnitz, Vektor, Anne Wencelides_STYLING Anne Wencelides, Eva-Marlene Etzel _MAKE-UP/HAIR Sarah Schwickart, Lucille Rohmer_SETDESIGN Franz Thöricht_VIDEOS by Eva-Marlene & Morgan Etzel on